Daily Market’s Vision

Daily Market Cooperative is a member-owned co-op that increases the Walla Walla Valley’s access to local, healthy, and sustainable products and supports local producers. Our cooperative does not have a storefront. Instead, we connect customers to local, healthy foods via our Made in Walla Walla Box program, which provides weekly grocery staples to customers via a subscription process.

In our cooperative, Member-Owners elect board members to represent them, the board of directors makes decisions using a transparent consensus process, and management and staff operate the store according to the policies of the board. Our triple-bottom-line business approach requires that we practice fiscal and environmental responsibility and fair compensation for employees and suppliers.

The cooperative promotes nutritional awareness, educates consumers, and strengthens the local economy and relationships in our community.

— Daily Market Cooperative’s Vision Statement, updated February 2013

The Cooperative Business Model

Cooperatives are voluntary organizations, open to all. They are democratically controlled by their Member-Owners, who elect representatives to set policies and make business decisions. Member-Owners have equal voting rights (one member, one vote) and contribute equally to the capital of their co-op. Member-Owners benefit from their investment in proportion to their purchases with the co-op, potentially receiving discounts or dividends on store purchases.

Food co-ops are autonomous self-help organizations working for sustainable development of their communities through policies approved by members. They also provide education and training to Member-Owners, elected representatives, managers, and employees so they can contribute to the development of the co-op. Co-ops are committed to serving Member-Owners by cooperating with other co-ops.

This is a summary of the seven cooperative principles in the International Co-operative Alliance’s Statement on the Co-operative Identity.

Other food co-ops in the Northwest

There are well over a dozen other co-ops in our region that have inspired and helped us. Here is a partial list:

We are also aware of startup co-ops in Richland, Washington and Pendleton, Oregon.