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Daily Market, like other co-ops, is a owned and controlled by its Member-Owners. It’s easy to join and start enjoying the benefits.

Why Join

Member-Owners benefit the most

You’ll also enjoy discounts on select purchases, plus a vote in our annual Board of Directors elections and other opportunities to contribute your vision. You can also take pride in owning an organization dedicated to enhancing our community. Perhaps the most tangible benefit is your investment will help Daily Market grow to serve you better.

It’s important for Daily Market.

By becoming a Member-Owner, you make a critical contribution to Daily Market. The co-op uses your capital investment to grow the business. We’ll invest in things needed for expansion, like equipment and inventory.

Member-Owners also give the co-op its vision and direction. Daily Market’s purpose is enhancing our local community’s health and sustainability. Answering directly to independent local shareholders is what makes this possible.

How Member-Ownership Works

To become a Member-Owner, complete a registration form and purchase one share for $140 and pay $10 in member equity dues per year. In other words, you will invest $150 to get started and $10 each year afterwards to remain active. If you ever choose to leave the co-op, these investments are 100% refundable.

We will send your Member-Owner card, keep you informed through by email list, and mail your annual election ballot in August or September. Present your card when you shop for exclusive discounts.

Join Now

Adding an online order form is on our to-do list, but it may be awhile before we get to it. Please download and send in your paper form today!